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How To Collect Websites From Google?

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Then search by entering your KEYWORD such as “SEO company USA

Step 3: Goto “SETTINGS > SEARCH SETTING” and select 100 Results per page. Then save it.

Step 4: After that you will return to the Google search page and you can see their are 100 search results per page. Now select all and copy (ctrl+A then ctrl+C) the whole text from Google search page and paste it into the WEBEMAILEXTRACTOR’s input text box and press the “Extract Websites” button.

Step 5: After 1 or 2 seconds you can get the websites list. Then you can download the websites list or use the website list for email extraction by Website Email Extractor online tool.

Follow the same procedure for both Yahoo and Bing.

You can also collect websites from text content or from a text file.