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The Importance of Using an Email Signature

An email signature is an important aspect of any corporate identity; it is usually included at the end of an official letter sent via an email. There are consequences of a poorly signed email signature, it may get you that job, or that contract but the problem lays in what your business counterpart perceive of you, as in professionally. Some companies make the mistake of letting their employees come up with a signature meant for a corporate letter, but the fact is that every company or organization should have their own stipulated method of signing their emails.

To attain that level of professionalism, it is necessary that any company should have a clean, simple email signature that should contain the company phone number, an official email, and the office address including other necessary information, sometimes you might want to add the company slogan. This does go to show that the document that is being sent is legit and also display a high level of professionalism on the part of the sender. And when the logo is included, it leads to instant recognition of the brand by the receiver. According to Ocreative including an email signature in your mail is like giving a person your business card, each time you send an email. Below are the importance of email signatures.

The Importance of Email Signatures

1. Branding

Email signatures show who you are, it says a lot about your brand and company. It reinforces who you are as a company making others see you as what you want them to see you as.

2. Professionalism

Having your logo or creating a cohesive image that displays in all your official letters shows that you’re fully in charge and that the company is well established to handle some serious matters.

3. Business Card

Your email signature can serve as a digital business card; it is another way of connecting with new customer and reaching for a new partnership.

4. Personal Association

Using a picture as your email signature is like placing a cherry on top of the Ice Cream. It allows the receiver to make a personal connection and association with you.

How to Add an Email Signature on Gmail?

1. Open your Gmail box.

2. Click on the “Setting” section at the toolbar and select settings.

3. Go to “General” but make sure the Gmail account you wish to add the signature is selected under the “Signature” section.

4. This is the time to fill the form with your details in Email Signature Generator tool. After that click on “Create Email Signature” button and click on “Click To Copy Email Signature For Gmail” button and paste (ctrl + v) this copied signature into the signature text field of your Gmail signature setting. Don’t bother adding the “signature separator” the Gmail will automatically insert it.

5. When you are done with number 4, click on “Save changes”, Gmail will now automatically insert the signature whenever you compose a message.

Finally, you must understand that email signature is not restricted to just unique pictures, and company logos, email signatures can also contain some company information like the company registration number. But whatever you do find a way to structure the signature and make pack neatly by the lower end of every email. We will also add that you make sure your signature doesn’t exceed five lines of text, and it is not advisable to sign an email meant to be sent via an email extractor or using any form of email extractor software because it will look illicit. But you choose to send your mails using an online email extractor tool like the Web Email Extractor we advice you do so without signing it; extractors are meant for mostly promotional messages thereby not worth signing.