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Text Email Extractor is an online tool, developed by to ease the stress of manually retrieving email addresses from text files or between written texts.

The Text Email Extractor is a sister online software to our Web Email Extractor, which was developed under its motive.

It is a faster tool that run email checks within the speed of less than 0.5 or half a second on even bulky plain texts or files.

Additional feature includes the ability to acquire all email addresses in a chronological manner. 

How To Make Use Of The Online Text Email Extractor

There are two (2) methods available for you to extract email addresses using the Text Email Extractor.

1. The First Method: Copy An Entire Block Of Text.

This method makes it easier to obtain all email data using the copy and paste feature from any device.

Step 1: Copy the block of text into the device's clipboard from a source.

Step 2: Goto Text Email Extractor

Step 3: Locate the provided "text field"

Step 4: Paste the block of text from your clipboard down the provided text field.

Step 5: Click on "Extract Email" button

Wait for the page to reload with an editable text field which contains all the email addresses present in the text you provided and are arranged in a chronological order.

You can choose to copy the list of email addresses into your clipboard or download the list in .txt format using the "Download Result" button presented just below the text field.

2. The Second Method: Choose A Plain Text ( TXT ) File.

The second option allows you to upload a TXT file for email address analysis.

The steps to get it done are provided as follows:

Step 1: Goto Text Email Extractor

Step 2:  Locate the file upload field just below the text field.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate TXT file from your device File Explorer or File Manager.

Step 4: Click on the "Extract Email" button.

Wait for the page to completely reload with an editable text field which comprises all the email addresses available in the TXT file you provided, arranged in a chronological pattern.

Here, you are also allowed choose either to copy the list of your email addresses or download the list in .txt format using the download button presented just below the text field.


These are pretty simple steps you can follow to extract email addresses from tons of text blocks or text files without hitches at all.

There are many websites offering Text Email Extractors, but what made stand up-high among the crowd was due to the simplicity, affordability, convenience, fast and unlimited trials offered.

At Web Email Extractor, we offer you access to our mind blowing trial that no other service is willing to afford giving.

This way, you get the overall feel of what it takes to be with us.

This way, you have a glimpse of how awesome our premium package is set to be.

If you have anything to say, be it a question, contribution, or just to say "Hi" we are all ears.

So, feel free to comment or contact us; either ways.